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Our Approach

We know sustainable long-lasting change goes beyond just what you eat. That’s why we look at the whole picture, including exercise, sleep and stress management, to help determine what’s going to work for you
Our nutritionists empower you by education you with the tools you’ll need to be successful. We focus on creating habits that will last a lifetime.

Are you working your butt off at the gym and not seeing the results you are looking for?

  • Individualized macro calculations based on your goals
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach
  • Customized meal plan with recipes

Healthy & sustainable nutrition is the key to reach your performance and body composition goals. Together we will work on nutrition and lifestyle habits to crush your goals – and that’s all without giving up the foods you love or going to bed hungry!

6 Pillars of Lasting Results

When the focus of a nutrition plan is just on the food, trying to isolate it from all the other aspects of ourselves, it's a losing battle. Health, and healthy eating specifically, is much more than just the food on our plate.


Deep, restful sleep at appropriate times is critical for overall health, body composition, hormone balance and weight loss/weight gain.


Creating a body that is strong and resilient and having healthy coping mechanisms for stress helps to create an environment where the body can thrive, not just survive.

Food quality

Counting macros and reaching your goals is irrelevant if you’re not fueling your body with whole, live, natural, good quality foods.


The body craves movement. Understanding the type and frequency of exercise that best suits your unique body leads to a healthy body composition.

Calorie balance

Our nutrition coaching program is not an unsustainable quick fix but rather a long-term lifestyle plan.


Building a healthy relationship with food and your body leads to a feeling of joy around meal time and the motivation to take care of your health.

About Natalie

At the young age of 25, after an exhaustive and unsuccessful battle of trying to find the right help for her health problems, Natalie discovered the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She was so taken by the scope of the program, she decided to pursue her diploma. Natalie didn’t know then that this one fateful decision would change the course of her life.

Her goal became to inspire others to live healthy, passion filled lives through nutrition and fitness. Today, Natalie runs a thriving nutrition school and nutrition coaching brand. She prides herself on creating unique spaces where people feel free to be themselves while learning and growing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her boldness serves as an inspiration for others to live courageously, vibrantly, and from a place that feeds their soul.

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Higher protein intake is required for any active lifestyle. Consuming the right amount of protein improves recovery, reduces the risk of injury, contributes to healthy hormonal balance, aids in immunity and helps maintain a healthy body composition.

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“The best part of working with Nat is the sense that she genuinely cares about your situation and your success. There is no “one size fits all” program. She works with your life, your personality, and your goals to make sure you come up with a program that will be successful for you long term. Couldn’t recommend more highly."
David R.

“Natalie’s approach is a really good fit for me. Her emphasis on balance and whole body health (mental and physical) has really helped me to be kind to myself while I work to achieve my weight loss and nutrition goals. I also love that her goal is to make me independent, so she provides me with a lot of nutrition education that is helping me learn how to eat well and stay fit for the rest of my life. She’s so supportive, understanding, and available. I really feel so lucky she’s my nutrition coach!”
Leah C.

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Maximize your performance in the gym and outside the gym with tasty, nutrient-rich recipes designed specifically for pre-workout, workout, and recovery periods. The recipes take a clean eating approach so you can get the most out of what you eat. This book includes essential tips for both general fitness and sport-specific dietary needs.

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Coaching for health and lasting results is about looking at a client’s whole life, and asking:
→ What’s really keeping you from feeling deep alignment with your health and fitness?
→ What’s the problem behind your problem?
→ Where do you most need help, right now?
→ And what are you already good at, that we can build on?